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In this blog article, you’ll learn the origin of baby wearing, how it became a trend, and how el bracelet OJO de VENADO Mexican lucky beads started the trend. In addition to that, you’ll learn about why a lot of people are getting into the trend and what other benefits there are.

When it comes to trendy jewelry, people are always looking for the next big thing. From statement rings, to stacked bracelets, from rings with flashing lights to studded necklaces, jewelry designers are constantly coming up with new designs that will make your head spin. Babies have always been popular in the fashion world – so it’s not surprising that when the whole baby wear trend started, some of the first pieces of clothing and accessories were small bangle bracelets.

What is the Meaning bracelet OJO de VENADDO?

The eye of the bracelet OJO de VENADO is a bead found in Mexican jewelry. The bead has a unique design that is said to bring good luck.

The bracelet OJO de VENADO is a popular Mexican lucky bead that has become popular among baby wearing moms around the world. The bead is said to bring good luck and ward off bad luck. Some believe it is also a protection against negative energies.

The bracelet OJO de VENADO is made up of 14 small beads that are strung on a chain. Each bead has an individual meaning, which is explained below:

1) The first bead, called el pulsero, is believed to bring good luck.

2) The second bead, called el perro, is said to protect the wearer from danger.

3) The third bead, called el gallo, brings money and prosperity.

4) El caballo represents strength and power.

5) El águila represents wisdom and protection.

6) La rosa represents love and happiness.

7) El viento represents change and new beginnings.

8) El sol represents health and wealth.

9) La luna represents harmony and love.

10) Los cuatro chismes represent family values and relationships.


Why are Lucky Beads Used in Baby Wear?

El Ojo De Venado Mexican Lucky Beads, also known as ‘The Eye of the Jaguar’ are a popular bead for baby wear because they are believed to bring good luck. The bead is made from the eyes of a jaguar, and is said to bring protection and prosperity.

How Can Using The Beads Protect Your Child from Evil Eye?

If you are a parent of a child who is just starting to walk and explore their world, you may have noticed that they seem to be constantly surrounded by people and things. This is no coincidence – children are constantly learning and growing, so they are constantly exploring their surroundings. However, it’s important to keep them safe from potential dangers. One danger that can befall a child is the evil eye. The evil eye is an amulet or symbol that is said to bring bad luck and misfortune to anyone who sees it. According to some superstitions, if you see the evil eye on someone else, it’s best not to talk to them or even make eye contact because the energy from the amulet will spread throughout the person’s body and harm them.

One way that you can protect your child from the evil eye is by wearing lucky beads. Lucky beads are small beads that are often worn around the neck or as earrings. They are believed to bring good luck and protection against negative energy. If your child comes in contact with someone who is wearing lucky beads, you can help protect them by telling them about the tradition of wearing them and warning them about the evil eye symbol.

When it comes to keeping your child safe from evil eye, using lucky beads is a great way to start. Bracelet OJO de VENADO Mexican lucky beads are made of crystal and have many different colors that can ward off negative energy. The bead bracelet is perfect for babies and toddlers who love to wear jewelry. Not only will it boost your child’s confidence, but the bracelet also has religious significance in some cultures.

What are Some Ways to Protect Your Child with The Beads?

Beads have become very popular lately and there are many ways to use them in your everyday life. However, there are also some precautions that you can take to protect your child from beads.

One way to protect your child is to make sure they do not eat the beads. There have been cases where children have swallowed beads and gotten sick as a result. If your child does swallow a bead, call an ambulance and get them to the hospital as soon as possible.

Another way to protect your child is to keep the beads away from their eyes. If a bead gets into your child’s eye, they can get very upset and might even start to cry. If this happens, try to remove the bead from their eye using a tissue or your hand. If that doesn’t work, call an ambulance.

If you want to use beads in your home but you don’t want your child to be exposed to them, you can put them in a safe place. For example, you could put them in a jar or on a shelf. You can also put them in a special box that you keep only for bead use. Make sure that the box is

How to Wear the Beads on the Baby?

The Baby Trend Started with El Ojo De Venado Mexican Lucky Beads. These beads are meant to be worn on the baby’s body. The trend started when celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Beyonce started wearing them. They were seen as a fashion statement and a way to add some glamour to the everyday life of a baby.

There are many ways to wear el ojo de venado lucky beads. Some people put them in their hair, around their neck, or even attach them to their outfits. The options are endless! If you want to get in on the trend, start looking for these beads at your local store or online. They make a great addition to any outfit and are sure to bring some fun and excitement into the life of your little one!


bracelet ojo de venado Mexican Lucky Beads are popular baby wear beads that were first worn by celebrities and models in the early 2010s. The trend caught on among everyday people, and today you can find them in nearly every store that sells baby clothes. El bracelet ojo de venado Mexican Lucky Beads are made of sterling silver and have a turquoise blue hue. They come in a variety of colors, but the most popular is probably the bright pink.

If there’s one trend that we’ve seen take off over the past few years, it’s the baby-wearing trend. And no bracelet brand has been more responsible for popularizing this look than OJO de VENADO. Born in Mexico City, OJO de VENADO was created by sisters Liliana and Paola bracelet ojo de venado with a mission to bring traditional Mexican jewelry designs to the modern world. Today, their collections of delicate beaded bracelets are worn by celebrities and everyday women alike all over the world. If you’re looking for a unique gift idea for someone special, check out OJO de VENADO’s collection of Mexican lucky beads!


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