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TREXM Shoe Rack with Cushioned Seat and Drawers, Multipurpose Entryway Storage Bench (White)


Trexm shoe rack with cushioned seat and drawers, multipurpose entryway storage bench white Free Shipping on product item with beautiful design

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The Trexm Multipurpose Entryway Storage Bench Shoe Rack with Cushioned Seat And Drawers

This trexm shoe rack Entryway is a versatile furniture item designed for your convenience. Crafted with a solid white finish, it offers a cushioned seat and drawers, providing ample space for shoe storage and more. The design emphasizes classic details, including tapered legs and a underside gridded rack can hold additional shoes or storage baskets to add your own personal touch. This piece blends in seamlessly with any surrounding décor while making a big impact with its small footprint.

Product information: Trexm Shoe Rack With Cushioned Seat And Drawers

The Trexm Shoe Rack with Cushioned Seat is a meticulously designe product, carefully crafted from wood for longevity. Its natural wooden finish adds an eye-catching accent to any room. The compact design not only provides a functional storage solution but also ensures a comfortable sit down and take time while you put shoes instead of uncomfortably crouching at the front door.

Additional Item Details: Multipurpose Entryway Storage Bench (white) 

This  is a practical addition to any living room or bedroom. Its gridded base rack and bottom shelf offer storage options. The soft beige cushion adds to its appeal, making it ideal for a family environment. Light assembly is require , and it seamlessly fits into various home settings.

Shipping Description And Price :

The Multipurpose Entryway is shipped carefully to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition. The white rack with a cushioned seat is a functional piece that provides both storage and a comfortable seating area, making it an ideal choice for any household. Compact in design this piece also makes a big impact with a small eye-catching accent piece

Customer Reviews Regarding The Piece Of Furniture:

Questions or concerns of customers appreciate the functionality of the Rack with Cushioned Seat. Its built for longevity and ability to seamlessly blend with any décor have garnered positive reviewsregarding it natural design. Additionally, its ability to hold multiple pairs of shoes or storage baskets is highlighted by satisfied customers.

Price and design description of Item : Solid Wood White Trexm Shoe Rack With Cushioned

This versatile Rack with Cushioned Seat offers not just storage but also an accent piece for your home. The price reflects its solid wood construction and functionality. Its storage make it a valuable addition to any household, catering to various needs while complementing existing furniture.

Weight 24.299 kg

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1 review for TREXM Shoe Rack with Cushioned Seat and Drawers, Multipurpose Entryway Storage Bench (White)

  1. orrin wilfrid

    The white finish looks clean and stylish, blending seamlessly with my home decor. The cushioned seat is a great touch, making it a cozy spot to sit while putting on or taking off shoes. The drawers are perfect for storing small items like keys, gloves, or scarves, keeping everything neat and tidy.

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