Osrs Bracelet Of Slaughter Is A Topaz Bracelet Enchanted

Osrs Bracelet Of Slaughter article about a unique piece of equipment, the Bracelet Of Slaughter. The article discusses how the bracelet is created and what makes it so powerful. It also includes a little bit of how it was used in player’s hands.

Want to know the best way to enchant an osrs bracelet in RuneScape? In this article, you will learn how you can use the Bracelet Of Slaughter to make it a topaz-encrusted item.

What is the Bracelet of Slaughter?

The Osrs bracelet of slaughter is a topaz bracelet enchanted by the god Zagan. It increases the wearer’s melee damage by 15%.

The Osrs bracelet of slaughter is an enchanted bracelet that can be found in the Forgotten Vale. It is a topaz bracelet and can be enchanted with one of the following spells: Arcane Blast, Concussive Shot, Fireball, Frost Bolt, or Lightning Bolt. The Osrs bracelet of slaughter has a chance to activate each time it is attacked, casting one of the listed spells on the attacker. The Osrs bracelet of slaughter will also randomly cast Arcane Blast or Frost Bolt when unequipped.

The bracelet can be found in a chest in the Forgotten Vale guarded by two level 27 spiders. Players need at least 65 attack to access the chest and can also use a key obtained from Kaqemeex to open it.

The Legend behind the Bracelet of Slaughter

The bracelet of slaughter is a topaz bracelet enchanted by the great wizard Gragas. Legend has it that the bracelet grants its wearer power over carnage and bloodshed, making them virtually unstoppable in battle. No one knows for sure how this Osrs bracelet of slaughter came to be, only that it is an immensely powerful artifact.

There are few people who know of the Osrs bracelet of slaughter true power and even fewer who can claim to have ever wielded it. The bracelet is said to be able to turn even the strongest warriors into mindless killing machines, able to single-handedly annihilate their enemies with little effort. However, there are also stories of brave souls who have managed to overcome the bracelet’s curse and use its power for good.

Whether or not the Osrs bracelet of slaughter is truly a magical weapon is still up for debate, but whatever its true powers may be, it is definitely one of the deadliest artifacts in existence. If you’re brave enough to try and claim it for yourself, make sure you are prepared for anything – this cursed bracelet is not something you want to mess with!

When to take off your Bracelet of Slaughter

It is not recommended to take off the bracelet while in combat, as this may disrupt your magic and cause you to lose control over your abilities. However, if you are ever forced to take it off for any other reason, be sure to do so as quickly and quietly as possible.

If you have your Bracelet of Slaughter on, it is important to take it off before doing any dangerous tasks. It can be tempting to keep it on in case of a surprise attack, but if you are attacked without warning your bracelet will activate and kill you. It is also important to take it off before entering any dangerous areas, such as dark forests or dungeons.

The Process of making it

When I was first approached to participate in the Making of a Topaz Bracelet project, I was hesitant. After all, I am not really into jewelry making. But when I found out that the bracelet would be enchanted, I decided to give it a try. The process of making the bracelet was surprisingly easy and fun. Here are the steps that I followed:

1. First, I gathered my materials. I needed a topaz bead, an enameled copper wire, and some sterling silver wire.

2. Next, I prepped the wire by cutting it to the correct length and filing any rough edges off.

3. Then, I heat up the wire until it is soft enough to bend. After it is cool enough to handle, I bent it into a U-shape and then attached it to the center of the topaz bead using sterling silver wire.

4. Finally, I enameled the copper wire with black enamel and finished off the bracelet by attaching it to the U-shaped piece of sterling silver wire using a jump ring.


The bracelet of slaughter is a topaz bracelet enchanted with dark magic. It is said to grant the wearer strength and power, as well as the ability to inflict brutality on their enemies. This bracelet should be treated with caution, and only used for what it was meant for: inflicting pain and destruction on those who deserve it.

What does the Osrs bracelet of slaughter have to do with topaz? Quite a lot, actually. The bracelet is made from topaz, which is known to impart strength and courage when worn. It also imparts determination, which is why it became associated with warriors and soldiers. In some cultures, wearing a bracelet of slaughter was seen as an indication that one had killed someone in battle. Whether you are looking for protection against bad luck or want to show your martial prowess, a topaz bracelet can add pizzazz to any outfit.


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