Led By The Christian Dior Woven Bracelet

Dior is launching a new jewelry line that will include a christian dior woven bracelet– and it’s getting great reviews! Find out the inspiration for this piece, what the reviews are saying about it, and more in this informative article from Dior.



Why is Dior Launching a Jewelry Line?

Dior is launching a jewelry line, led by the christian dior woven bracelet. The christian dior woven bracelet is made of steel and leather and features a Dior insignia. The bracelet is available in two colors- black and brown- and can be purchased for $2,200. Dior says that the bracelet is ‘the perfect accessory for any outfit.’

What is the Role of Legendary Designer John Galliano?

Galliano, who has worked for Dior since 1981, will create the jewelry line alongside his longtime partner, Audrey Tautou. The collection will be made up of a mix of vintage and contemporary pieces, as well as a few exclusive pieces. The first collection is slated to debut in 2019.

The Signature Woven Bracelet

Dior is releasing a jewelry line that is led by the christian dior woven bracelet t. The bracelet, which is made of gold and silver threads, was first created in 1948 and has been worn by many celebrities, including Audrey Hepburn and Diana, Princess of Wales. The bracelet will be available in two versions: a silver version with a blue stone and a gold version with a black stone.

Cost of the Signature Woven Bracelet

The christian dior woven bracelet is a beautiful piece of jewelry and can be expensive. The cost of the bracelet ranges from $3,500 to $7,500.


If you’re a fan of Dior, don’t miss the brand’s new jewelry line launching later this year. The christian dior woven bracelet is made from a luxurious silk thread and features a colorful diamond and crystal pattern. You can pre-order it now at select Dior boutiques worldwide, and it will be available for purchase online starting in early 2019.


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